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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 9, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EST

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a local college freshman found dead in her dorm room. this morning the man fapsingcing charges and what may have happened on her last night. and reaching out for help. the declining crime rate is a story you'll only see on nbc 10. and some of you are seeing light rain and there's a chance it could lead to icy roads for the morning commute. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today" on this monday. i'm chris cato. nbc 10 issued a first alert to get you ready for wintry weather that could create dangerous driving conditions throughout the day today. we'll get right to that.
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meteorologist bill henley has your first alert forecast. the rain is making it an impossible situation for some people. especially on untreated surfaces. rain is moving in which normally isn't a problem unless temperatures are at or below freezing. that's what's happening this morning. temperatures are falling in much of the area near freezing so we have a first alert weather day issued today. there's the potential for icing, mainly slipping and sliding from freezing rain and then later today the sleet. the untreated surfaces are the greatest risk during the day today. we're already seeing some precipitation. it's fairly light and it is rain that is falling in portions of the county chester county right now seeing light rainfall. temperatures are just above freezing there. you can see this pink/purple color, that's where the freezing rain is happening. so that's rain that comes down and is freezing on frozen ground. and here's the problem, the temperature has dropped to 32
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degrees in northeast philadelphia. just below freezeing in trenton. icy conditions as rain moves into the area. mt. holly, 31 degrees. looks like temperatures will be staying close to the freezing mark during the day. and during the day we'll likely get more rain. be on the lookout for slippery spots not only first thing this morning but throughout the day today. the first alert traffic reporter jillian mele is watching the roadway. good morning to you, jillian. so far no accidents to report. a quiet morning as far as the roads are concerned. this is a live look at montgomery county 309 near the pennsylvania turnpike the turnpike is free of incidents. drive times are average between 95 and 76. it will take you 16 minutes in both directions. we have new information now in the case of a millsville
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university student found dead in her dorm room over the weekend. police arrested her 19-year-old boyfriend being held in the lancaster prison this morning. 18-year-old carly hall was found dead early yesterday morning inside bart hall on the millersville campus, 80 mile west of philadelphia. hall was a freshman at millersville. her 19-year-old boyfriend of kenneth square is charged with aggravated assault and is in jail. the exact cause of hall's death is not known and police are not saying why they charged the boyfriend with aggravated assault. an autopsy is scheduled for today. katy zachry is in millersville getting new information this morning and will have a live report coming up at 4:30. new from overnight, an intruder shot three people on fernwood street in southwest philadelphia last night. someone broke into this home and shot a man and a woman and two men. one of the men is in critical
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condition. the others are expected to be okay. no one has been arrested. in fact, we just found out the man who was in critical condition in that shooting has passed away from his injuries. and officials are investigating a fire in the mantioch section of philadelphia. it broke out in an apartment around 9:00 last night on herman streets. firefighters quickly had things under control there. there were no serious injuries. now to this nbc 10 exclusive story. we have learned that a rising homicide rate has prompted wilmington police to do something rather unusual and bring in help patrolling the city. nbc 10's jesse gary is live in wilmington. jesse, two departments have decided to begin the joint policing effort. tell us about that. >> reporter: yeah, chris. the continuation of a ten-year upward trend signals a new approach. this city has seen two dozen
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homicides in 2012. last year three dozen. this year the city's police department is asking county cops for help. >> you know these trends of homicides are bad. in a ten-year trend, not recently but the numbers probably haven't changed over the last ten years at all. and we are very very concerned. >> reporter: the county officials and local police aren't the only one who is are concerned. so are residents and you'll hear from some of them about the new plan for this new approach to a very old, serious problem. we'll have that coming up in 30 minutes. live in wilmington, new castle county jesse gary "nbc 10 news." 4:05 now. later today a man accused of shooting and killing a man over a pair of headphones goes to trial. arquel garcia is under arrest
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after christopher wilkins was walking in philadelphia when garcia tried to take the man's headphones but he refused to give them over. then he pulled out a gun and shot him in the chest. father james brennan is accused of sexually accusing a 14-year-old boy in 1996. he went to trial in 2012 but the jury couldn't agree on a verdict. he was tried along with senior lind within the archdiocese of philadelphia. his trial, brennan's will be next month. prosecutors said edwin diana broke into a property last march and stole some jewelry and started a fire. the councilwoman was not living there at the time. and 4:06 now, hundreds of protesters are heading to a rally to raise pennsylvania's
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minimum wage at least that's their hope. they will carry a bus load of supporters from philadelphia to harrisburg this morning. they are calling on lawmakers to increase the minimum wage from $7.25 to $10 an hour across the state. also today, small business owners can learn more about what the affordable care act means for their operation. the regional administrator will offer a workshop from 9:00 a.m. to noon today in center city. the agency is hoping to guide small business openers in making decisions about providing health insurance for their employees. now to the atlantic city casino crisis. this could determine if the sale of revel will go through finally. emergency motions from revel's utility supplier and former tenants will be heard in court this afternoon. the $95 million sale was supposed to go through today but a judge delayed it in order to deal with the issues. and just yesterday we learned that the developer who wants to buy revel is now willing to extend the sales deadline until the end of the month.
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well, in case you haven't heard, the powerball jackpot has moved to $450 million after no one won over the weekend. that will make it the fifth largest jackpot in u.s. lottery history. here's a problem you would love to have if you opted for the cash payout that's more than $300 million. powerball's major jackpot was in february when it climbed to $425 million. the next drawing is set for wednesday. clouds overhead as we track showers that could lead to icing not only tomorrow but during the day today. look at the flag here in the nbc 10 studios. the moisture is coming into the area. right now it's not falling in philadelphia. just falling skies with temperatures coming down getting very close to the freezing mark. 33 degrees with the northeasterly wind at 14 miles an hour. much of the area is below freezing. and look at the ice accumulating on the lens of this view from
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the pocano mountains. it is going to be in some areas an icy start to your day that may only get worse on untreated surfaces. and here's why. rain is moving in in the areas above freezing where it's not a problem, bhuch of theut much of the area is seeing some light rainfall where temperatures are at or below freezing. trenton, bucks county, northeast philadelphia, there's the potential for icing on untreated surfaces. the rain is going to be on/off this morning but it looks like it will get steadier during the day. and during the day the temperatures are going to be stuck right around freezing. northeast philadelphia it's already there, 31 in horsham. trenton, 31 degrees. quakertown and doylestown watch out for icy spots. if you see rain coming down it will fall as normal rain but the surfaces could ice up. be on the lookout for damp streets to have icy spots. it only takes one icy spot to ruin your day.
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31 degrees in mount holly. most of delaware not seeing those icing conditions it's the colder region. and that's going to be an issue as the day goes on. this is 9:00 this morning. the hour by hour weather shows the potential for icing north and west near the i-95 corridor. that's 11:00 this morning. be on the lookout for rain that could be icing up during the day today. and then later today the freezing rain will changeover to some light sleet and then it will end in some light snow as we head into the evening hours, but it doesn't look like a lot of precipitation but just enough for hazardous travel on untreated surfaces. temperatures climbing into the lower 30s this afternoon. not much warmer than it is rights now. we'll show you how long this threat is going to last plus a look at your weekend when i'm back in ten. all right, bill. ten minutes after 4:00. the first alert traffic reporter jillian mele is here now. bill showed us the camera from the poconos iced over. hopefully we are not seeing that on the roads yet. >> no problems on the majors in
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and out of philadelphia they are clear. 95 is free of any accidents or delays. so that's a bit of good news. this is a live look at the lehigh valley. no incidents to report there. and the drive times now, 76 eastbound from the turnpike to the vine street expressway that takes you 22 minutes. 95 southbound from the woodhaven to the vine is a 13-minute trip. and the blue route is the 95 to the 76 is looking good as well. coming up a new source of concern over measles in pennsylvania. for the latest possible patient that visited this weekend. and the new push to keep bar patrons from drinking and driving. the latest machine to keep people from getting behind the wheel.
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4:14. meteorologist bill henley issuing a first alert for us this morning because of what you see on the lens of this camera in the pocanos. that's freezing rain falling. a band of that across the area for some of you this morning. heavy fog for others. meteorologist bill henley is back with a look at where the greatest threat is for the freezing rain right now. happening today in texas, jury selection continues in the trial of the marine who is accused of killing two men including navy s.e.a.l. chris kyle. the inspiration for the movie "american sniper." eddie ralph is accused of killing kyle and his friend at a gun range in texas two years ago. ralph's lawyers are expected to argue that mental illness is to blame. also jurors will be selected in the domestic case against
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carolina panthers player greg hardy accused of assaulting and threatening to kill his ex-girlfriend last may. the defensive end played in one game this past season because of the pending charges. quite a story here police say a selfie led them to arrest a 16-year-old western pennsylvania boy for murdering another teen. investigators say maxwell morton actually took a picture of himself posing with the body of the 16-year-old victim and sent that photo to a friend. the victim was found shot to death in his home on wednesday. morton is charged with murder as an adult. police have not released a motive. and in atlantic county police are searching for a hit-and-run driver who clipped a man walking along the highway. it happened on the shoulder of route 9 in galloway township. investigators say the driver hit the victim and just kept going. the man had an upper body and head injury. now police are looking for a white ford fusion or mercury milan. they believe the model year is between 2008 and 2010.
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the vehicle may have a missing passenger-side mirror and other damage along the passenger side. well, officials at a mall in western pennsylvania are cracking down on unaccompanied minors after three people were shot this weekend. the monroeville mall in allegheny county says anyone under the age of 18 has to be with a parent or guardian on friday and saturday nights from now on. this comes after investigators say a 17-year-old shot three people inside macy's on saturday night at that mall. police arrested the teen. two of those victims are still in critical condition. and investigators are still looking into the cause of a fire at a bucks county strip mall that started just before 1:30 yesterday afternoon inside a tattoo shop on bristol pike in ben salem. fire officials say everyone made it out safely but the owners died. a warning from the pennsylvania department of
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health has a warning. a person who is suspected of having measles may have attended a basketball game at millersville university last saturday. >> this was a suspected case. and the blood tests confirmed whether someone has the illness or not was equivocal, so now the sample is now at the cdc. >> students enrolled in millersville are required to have two measles vaccinations. and this warning comes after health officials confirmed a teenager in montgomery county did not have measles. that teen was isolated at home as doctors waited for test results. and in new castle county two bars are hoping a new kind of vending machine will prevent drunk driving. the machine is called the boozilator that dispenses a breathalyzer test. each test costs $1 but the police expresses concern saying if your blood is below the legal
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limit, there's no way to say you won't be charged with dui. clouds are rolling in and we have wet weather on the way. another round of wet weather is moving in. while crews continue to do their jobs people across our area say they are sick of preparing for the worst every single week. >> i roll my eyeballs and think, oh, no not again. come on it's getting to be a pain in the butt. because it is like every two days now, it seems like. and the shovels nowadays seem to be a lot weaker than they used to be. >> he would really be complaining in boston. we have had an easy winter compared to them but today may not be easing with the potential for icing. not only for this morning but throughout the day today. look at the clouds over center city. that's a live view from the adventure aquarium.
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low clouds and fog and some rain as well. and the icing conditions in mount pocano are getting freezing rain right now, 30 degrees. trenton, wilmington clouds overhead. we have seen rain showers in the i-95 corridor. look at the ice covering the lens now. it is getting a bit worse up there. and this is what is going to happen on untreated surfaces that get rainfall that have temperatures at or below freezing. we are certainly seeing this this morning, even in philadelphia. rocks borough is 31 degrees. watch out for icing. also in northeast philadelphia. it is not that much warmer in south philly, so the entire area especially north and west where the rain is already starting to come down has potential for icing. you can see it in lower montgomery county into northeast philadelphia and the trenton area right now. it's just some spotty light rainfall but it is just now have create some ice on untreated surfaces. your hour-by-hour forecast shows the clouds will be on/off with the rainfall this morning. and this afternoon, a potential
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area of icing. look at the temperatures stuck in the low 30s, just below freezing. and some snow will develop later this afternoon and become spottier heading into the evening hours. so we start off with freezing rain. then it will change over to some light sleet. and then it will be rain. and through the day today, clouds with the temperatures hovering near freezing. making weekend plans? the good news is it's going to be dry but it's going to be cold again. 27 degrees on saturday and sunday afternoon. 25, i think i hear the guy complaining already all over again. >> weak shovel. mr. weak shovel. 20 minutes after 4:00 and time for a check of area roadways. nbc 10's first alert traffic reporter jillian mele is watch things. we hope the roadways don't start to freeze over in the areas showing freezing rain right? good morning, chris. certainly no accidents or delays out here this morning. it's a quiet start to the workweek. this is a live look at 76 near
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montgomery drive. here are the drive times on the northeast extension between the pennsylvania turnpike and quakertown. it is averaging 21 to 22 minutes. no issues to deal with there. chris? well, president obama is taking on the issues of rape and domestic violence in the latest public service announcement that aired last night during the grammy's. >> good evening, everybody. tonight we celebrate artists whose music and message help shape our culture. together we can change our culture for the better by ending violence against women and girls. >> that is part of the obama administration's if on us campaign that also aims to end sexual assault on college campuses. nbc news anchor brian williams is backing out of a scheduled appearance on david letterman's "late show" on thursday. this comes a day after williams says he's stepping away from "nbc nightly news" temporarily. he's at the center of controversy after admitting he lied about being on a helicopter
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that was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade while on assignment during the iraq war. the weekend anchor lester holt is filling in for williams for the next several days at least. a desperate attempt is underway to save some west coast marine life. a problem facing baby sea lions and what is being done to save them.
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crews are making progress
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battling this wildfire in small meadows, california. it started on friday and ripped across 7,000 acres forcing people to leave their homes. right now the fire is 65% contained. also in california rescue crews say the number of stranded baby sea lions continues to grow and experts aren't exactly sure why. crews have saved more than 350 sea lions along state beaches this year alone. for the past three years, the sea lions have washed ashore in bigger numbers. the marine biologists say it may be the result of warmer waters and a lack of fish to eat. most of the pups are severely underweight so rescuers have to work quickly to save them. >> you get to sea them get better you get to see them go back in the ocean and that makes it the happiest place you could ever be. >> the sea pups start on a liquid diet and gradually learn how to eat fish. once they build up their strength, they are released back into the ocean.
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tracking wet weather moving into the area. the potential for icing conditions this morning freezing rain in parts of the area including montgomery and bucks county and into mercer county in new jersey. and it's going to be an all-day affair. 33 degrees here at nbc 10. that's at 4:26. jillian mele in the first alert traffic center. good morning to you. good morning. if you're waking up to travel the pennsylvania turnpike, we'll check your drive times. both directions are not seeing any accidents out there, so between ben salem and valley forge, drive times are at 23 to 24 minutes.
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a local college coed is found dead in her dorm room and cops say her death is suspicious. what police say may have happened in her final moments of life. and calling for reinforcements, one of the most violent cities is reaching out for help to stop the climbing crime rate. it's a story you'll only see here on nbc 10. and an icy threat awaits you outside. rain is falling and there's a chance it could create slippery conditions for the morning commute. we have you covered. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. dangerous conditions possibly throughout the day with freezing rain falling now. nbc 10 is here to make sure you know what is coming your way. we'll get to it with meteorologist bill henley with the first alert forecast this morning to show us some freezing rain, bill? we are seeing rain move into an area that is already at or below freezing and that will create ice to make for slippery conditions this morning. now major roadways that have been treated shouldn't be an issue, but everything else is
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fair game for this system that's already producing low clouds and some fog as well as rain in philadelphia. it is a first-alert weather day here at nbc 10. and the potential for icing will be not only this morning but even into this afternoon. the rain will be falling, that's freezing rain and we could get sleet later on finally ending wednesday with light snow. some untreated surfaces will be a problem. railways, cars sidewalks, driveways, that sort of thing. even side streets that have not been treated. you can see the wet weather is moving in. chester county wilmington seeing rainfall right now, but it's farther to the north where it's colder right now. and it's producing freezing rain the potential for icing in norristown trenton, earlier in burlington county and there's potential in east pikeland. some spots in chester county reporting a bit of freezing rain this morning. nothing widespread, but the


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